02.22.2010    National Law Journal Publishes Its 2009 "Go-To" Schools & "Firm Favorite" Rankings

National Law Journal Publishes Its "Go-To" Schools & "Firm Favorites" Rankings

For the rankings-obsessed pre-law student, the National Law Journal has just released your latest fix. Using survey data submitted by the 250 top law firms as ranked by the National Law Journal, NLJ has compiled its rankings of the Top 50 "Go-To" schools based on the percentage of 2009 J.D. graduates who landed jobs at NLJ 250 firms by Sept. 30, 2009. 

Toping the list is Northwestern University School of Law, which placed 55.5% of its graduates at NLJ 250 firms -- a marked decline from 2008 when more than 70% of NWU Law grads earned similar employment.   This is another stark reminder about just how competitive the legal hiring market has become even for students graduating from the very top law schools, and why earning top grades has never been more important.  According to the survey, the Top 10 "Go-To" Schools are: 

1. Northwestern University School of Law (55.5%)

2. Columbia Law School (54.7%)

3. Stanford Law School (54.1%)

4. UChicago Law School (52.2%)

5. UVA Law (51.6%)

6. UMichigan Law (50.7%)

7. NYU Law (49.7%)

8. Duke Law School (49.3%)

9. UC Berkeley (49.3%)

10. Harvard Law School (47.8%)

Notably absent from any Top 10 list are Yale which ranked #18 (35.3%) and UPenn which ranked #13 (41.9%).  For the complete list of NLJ's "Go-To" Rankings, click here.

In addition to ranking its top 50 "Go-To" schools, NLJ has also datamined the firms' surveys to display its "Firm Favorites"  -- displaying those law schools that the top firms seem to favor most based upon the number of first-year associates hired.  This chart definitely has some interesting data as well. 


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