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Admissions Cycle
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Applicant_aYoungstown OH N/R 1
Applicant_aYoung Harris GA N/R 0
Applicant_aYork U CA N/R 0
Applicant_aYork Col PA PA N/R 1
Applicant_aYork Col NE N/R 0
Applicant_aYeshiva U NY 52 3
Applicant_aYale U CT 3 5
Applicant_aXavier U-LA LA N/R 0
Applicant_aXavier U OH N/R 2
Applicant_aWV Wesleyan WV 4th Tier 2
Applicant_aWV U-Tech WV N/R 0
Applicant_aWV U-Parkers WV N/R 0
Applicant_aWV U WV 3rd Tier 9
Applicant_aWV St U WV 4th Tier 0
Applicant_aWSub Nursing IL N/R 0
Applicant_aWright St U OH 4th Tier 1
Applicant_aWright Inst CA N/R 0
Applicant_aWorcester St MA N/R 0
Applicant_aWorcest Poly MA 68 0
Applicant_aWoodbury U CA N/R 2
Applicant_aWofford Col SC 62 0
Applicant_aWm Woods U MO N/R 0
Applicant_aWm Penn U IA N/R 0
Applicant_aWm Paterson NJ N/R 1
Applicant_aWm Jewell MO 3rd Tier 1
Applicant_aWm Jessup U CA N/R 0
Applicant_aWm H Taft U CA N/R 0
Applicant_aWm Carey MS N/R 0
Applicant_aWittenberg U OH 118 0
Applicant_aWinthrop U SC N/R 2
Applicant_aWinona St MN N/R 0
Applicant_aWingate U NC 4th Tier 0
Applicant_aWin Sal St U NC N/R 0
Applicant_aWilson Col PA N/R 0
Applicant_aWilmington U DE N/R 2
Applicant_aWilm Col-OH OH N/R 0
Applicant_aWilliams Col MA 1 2
Applicant_aWilliam&Mary VA 33 7
Applicant_aWillamette U OR 62 1
Applicant_aWill Baptist AR N/R 0
Applicant_aWilkes U PA N/R 1
Applicant_aWilberforce OH N/R 0
Applicant_aWidener U PA 3rd Tier 1
Applicant_aWichita St U KS 4th Tier 2
Applicant_aWI Pro Pysch WI N/R 0
Applicant_aWI Lutheran WI 3rd Tier 1
Applicant_aWhitworth U WA N/R 3
Applicant_aWhittier Col CA 3rd Tier 2
Applicant_aWhitman Col WA 36 2
Applicant_aWheelock Col MA N/R 0
1-50   1-100   

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