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Admissions Cycle
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Applicant_aAK Bible AK N/R 7
Applicant_aAK Pacific AK N/R 1
Applicant_aUniv AK-Anch AK N/R 1
Applicant_aUniv AK-June AK N/R 0
Applicant_aAir Univ AL N/R 2
Applicant_aAlabama A&M AL N/R 1
Applicant_aAlabama St AL N/R 4
Applicant_aAmridge U AL N/R 0
Applicant_aAthens St AL N/R 2
Applicant_aAuburn-Mont AL N/R 4
Applicant_aConcordia-AL AL N/R 0
Applicant_aFaulkner U AL N/R 1
Applicant_aJ-Ville State AL N/R 3
Applicant_aMiles Col AL N/R 0
Applicant_aOakwood U AL N/R 1
Applicant_aSE Bible Col AL N/R 0
Applicant_aSpring Hill AL N/R 2
Applicant_aStillman Col AL N/R 0
Applicant_aTroy-Dothan AL N/R 1
Applicant_aTroy-Montgom AL N/R 2
Applicant_aTuskegee U AL N/R 1
Applicant_aUS Sports Aca AL N/R 0
Applicant_aU Mobile AL N/R 1
Applicant_aU Montevallo AL N/R 0
Applicant_aU North Ala AL N/R 0
Applicant_aU South Ala AL N/R 1
Applicant_aU West Ala AL N/R 1
Applicant_aArk Baptist AR N/R 0
Applicant_aArk State U AR N/R 1
Applicant_aArk Tech U AR N/R 0
Applicant_aCent Baptist AR N/R 0
Applicant_aHarding U AR N/R 2
Applicant_aHenderson St AR N/R 1
Applicant_aJohn Brown U AR N/R 1
Applicant_aOuachita Bap AR N/R 1
Applicant_aPhilander Sm AR N/R 0
Applicant_aSouth Ark U AR N/R 0
Applicant_aArk-Ft Smith AR N/R 0
Applicant_aArk-Med Sci AR N/R 0
Applicant_aArk-Monticel AR N/R 0
Applicant_aArk-Pine Blu AR N/R 0
Applicant_aCentral Ark AR N/R 3
Applicant_aUniv Ozarks AR N/R 0
Applicant_aWill Baptist AR N/R 0
Applicant_aAT Still U AZ N/R 2
Applicant_aAm Indian C AZ N/R 0
Applicant_aAriz St-West AZ N/R 2
Applicant_aAriz St-Poly AZ N/R 1
Applicant_aArt Cent Des AZ N/R 0
Applicant_aDeVry Univ AZ N/R 0
1-50   1-100   

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