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Admissions Cycle
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Applicant_aU Wyoming WY 3rd Tier 5
Applicant_aAld-Broaddus WV N/R 1
Applicant_aAppala Bible WV N/R 0
Applicant_aBethany Col WV 3rd Tier 0
Applicant_aBluefield St WV N/R 0
Applicant_aConcord U WV N/R 1
Applicant_aDavis&Elkins WV N/R 0
Applicant_aFairmont St WV N/R 0
Applicant_aGlenville St WV N/R 0
Applicant_aMarshall U WV N/R 4
Applicant_aMountain St WV N/R 0
Applicant_aOhio Valley WV N/R 0
Applicant_aSalem Intl U WV N/R 0
Applicant_aShepherd U WV N/R 0
Applicant_aU Charleston WV N/R 0
Applicant_aW Liberty St WV N/R 0
Applicant_aWV St U WV 4th Tier 0
Applicant_aWV U WV 3rd Tier 9
Applicant_aWV U-Parkers WV N/R 0
Applicant_aWV U-Tech WV N/R 0
Applicant_aWV Wesleyan WV 4th Tier 2
Applicant_aWheeling Jes WV N/R 1
Applicant_aAlverno Col WI N/R 0
Applicant_aBeloit Col WI 62 1
Applicant_aCard Stritch WI N/R 0
Applicant_aCarroll U WI N/R 1
Applicant_aCarthage Col WI N/R 3
Applicant_aConcordia-WI WI N/R 0
Applicant_aEdgewood Col WI N/R 0
Applicant_aHerzing Col WI N/R 0
Applicant_aLakeland Col WI N/R 0
Applicant_aLawrence U WI 59 0
Applicant_aMaranatha WI N/R 0
Applicant_aMarian U WI N/R 0
Applicant_aMarquette U WI 84 7
Applicant_aMed Col WI WI N/R 0
Applicant_aMilwaukee En WI N/R 0
Applicant_aMt Mary Col WI N/R 0
Applicant_aNorthland WI 4th Tier 0
Applicant_aRipon Col WI 122 1
Applicant_aSt Norbert WI 3rd Tier 0
Applicant_aSilver Lake WI N/R 0
Applicant_aU WI-Eau Cla WI N/R 0
Applicant_aU WI-Green B WI 4th Tier 0
Applicant_aU WI-LaCross WI N/R 0
Applicant_aU WI-Madison WI 39 16
Applicant_aU WI-Milwauk WI 4th Tier 3
Applicant_aU WI-Oshkosh WI N/R 0
Applicant_aU WI-Parkside WI 4th Tier 2
Applicant_aU WI-Plattev WI N/R 2
1-50   1-100   

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