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Admissions Cycle
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Applicant_aBerkeley Col NJ N/R 0
Applicant_aPalm Beach U FL N/R 0
Applicant_aViterbo U WI N/R 0
Applicant_aNM Highlands NM N/R 0
Applicant_aU Charleston WV N/R 0
Applicant_aBank Street NY N/R 0
Applicant_aBrewton-Park GA N/R 0
Applicant_aCUNY-Medger NY N/R 0
Applicant_aReinhardt GA N/R 0
Applicant_aDominica Col NY N/R 0
Applicant_aGA-Ft Valley GA N/R 0
Applicant_aLab Ins Merc NY N/R 0
Applicant_aMetro Col NY NY N/R 0
Applicant_aDes Moines U IA N/R 0
Applicant_aPratt Ins NY N/R 0
Applicant_aMorningside IA N/R 0
Applicant_aSUNY-En Sci NY 80 0
Applicant_aChicago Sem IL N/R 0
Applicant_aJew Theo Sem NY N/R 0
Applicant_aGreenville C IL N/R 0
Applicant_aWebb Ins NY N/R 0
Applicant_aLakeview Col IL N/R 0
Applicant_aClev Ins Mus OH N/R 0
Applicant_aNatl-Louis U IL N/R 0
Applicant_aSt Augustine IL N/R 0
Applicant_aU Rio Grande OH N/R 0
Applicant_aMid-Am Chris OK N/R 0
Applicant_aSt Gregory's OK N/R 0
Applicant_aPurdue-TCoGr IN N/R 0
Applicant_aStFrancis-IN IN N/R 0
Applicant_aDickinson PA 46 0
Applicant_aKentucky Wes KY 4th Tier 0
Applicant_aImmaculata PA 4th Tier 0
Applicant_aMansfield U PA N/R 0
Applicant_aNO Bapt Sem LA N/R 0
Applicant_aPenn St-Bran PA N/R 0
Applicant_aAndover Newt MA N/R 0
Applicant_aPenn St-WoSc PA N/R 0
Applicant_aWaynesburg PA N/R 0
Applicant_aNewbury Col MA N/R 0
Applicant_aPonce Sch PR PR N/R 0
Applicant_aUMendez-Este PR N/R 0
Applicant_aColumb Union MD N/R 0
Applicant_aBryant Col RI N/R 0
Applicant_aSoujourn-Dou MD N/R 0
Applicant_aColby Col ME 22 0
1-50   1-100   

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