Boston College Law School


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Class of 2014 5,685 1,366 268 24.0% 32 19.6% 160


Early Application Deadline N/A
Regular Application Deadline 3/1
Application Fee $75
Email BC Law Admissions


25% 3.50 162
75% 3.77 166
Median 3.66 165
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Admission to BC Law is competitive with typically more than 6,000 candidates applying each year for fewer than 300 seats in the entering class. As with most law schools, BC Law stresses the importance of more than just GPA and LSAT scores, but it provides more specificity about overall academic performance than most: “While we initially consider your undergraduate grade point average (UGPA) and LSAT score, several other factors influence our evaluation of your application. These include:

• The college attended and the academic rigor of the program of study.

• The pattern of your academic performance. For example, a poor start in college may be offset by substantially improved academic performance.

• We may place less consideration on your LSAT score if you have achieved exceptional academic success as an undergraduate despite a history of low standardized test scores.

• Other positive factors include employment experience and professional achievements; original research undertakings; graduate education; or evidence of academic and professional success despite social, economic or cultural disadvantage.

• We believe that a diverse student body adds depth and breadth to the law school educational experience. Therefore, we are committed to selecting a class that is widely representative on the basis of age, gender, academic background, race, geography, interests, social and economic backgrounds and other factors.” (BC Law Website)

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