California Western School of Law

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Founded 1924 | ABA Accredited 1962

California Western School of Law describes itself as “an independent San Diego law school that educates lawyers as creative problem solvers and principled advocates – lawyers who frame the practice of law as a helping, collaborative profession. For more than 80 years, California Western has educated lawyers who are dedicated to improving the lives of their clients and the quality of the legal system.”

Founded in 1924, California Western earned American Bar Association accreditation in 1962 and became a member of the Association of American Law Schools in 1967. In 1973, the law school relocated to San Diego, ending its affiliation with the former California Western University (USIU) and becoming an independent law school in 1975. The school's unique trimester system was introduced in 1980. This allowed for two entering classes in one academic year, reducing individual class size and further increasing the quality of education. In 1993, the law school opened a new administrative and campus center, including facilities for student life, faculty offices, financial aid and admissions. This was followed be the introduction of a new, state-of-the-art Law Library in 2000.

California Western is located in downtown San Diego, a thriving city, offering recreational, historical, cultural, and law-related experiences within short distance of the campus. San Diego offers a large array of courts as well as public and private practices, placing the school in an ideal position for law study. The region is sunny and warm, a great feature due to the school's close proximity to miles of beaches, as well as hiking, biking, and walking trail. Theaters, opera houses, and symphonies; city parks, restaurants, and shops; as well as the world-famous San Diego Zoo all make for a great cultural experience in the San Diego area.




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