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Founded 1887 | ABA Accredited 1923

The history of Cornell Law dates back to 1887 when the school was only a department at Cornell University, a high school diploma was not even required for admission, and the cost of tuition was a mere $75 a year. Cornell Law has come quite far since 1887. More than one hundred years later, Cornell consistently ranks as one of the top 14 law schools in the nation according to U.S. News & World Report’s annual rankings.

The school offers its students a broad curriculum, externships, several centers and programs (including, the Legal Information Institute which is a popular source of legal materials on the Internet), clinics, as well as a number of international dual degree programs and joint degree programs. The law school’s low student to faculty ratio (usually below 10:1) fosters close interaction between students and faculty. The school boasts: “The academic environment at the law school can be best described as a close knit community of scholars.” (Cornell Law Website) In addition, the campus’s location in the Finger Lakes region of Ithaca, NY offers students a safe, serene and beautiful environment in which to study law.


William P. Rogers, US Attorney General; US Secretary of State Bob DuPuy, President and Chief Operating Officer of Major League Baseball Barber Conable, President of the World Bank Mary Donlon Alger, First Female Judge to reside on the US Customs Court Jan Schlichtmann, Lawyer Profiled in “A Civil Action” Book and Movie (John Travolta Played Schlichtmann)

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