Emory University School of Law


Credits Required To Graduate90

Part-Time section Size0

Part-Time Small SectionsNo

Library Volumes409,740

School TermSemester

Full-Time Section Size98

Full-Time Small SectionsYes

Library Titles409,740

To learn how to prepare for law school so that you can truly excel once you begin your 1L classes, visit: Law Preview - Emory University School of Law.

“As an Emory Law student, you are encouraged to challenge the status quo and follow your mind and your heart. You may aspire to do mergers and acquisitions in a large corporation, or to be on the ground pursuing the personal cause or in the courtroom defending an abused child. Whichever path you choose, you will leave Emory with a deep knowledge of the law and a set of valuable skills.” (Emory Law Website)

First-year students complete the traditional required courses. All students are required to complete Trial Techniques at the end of the second year, as well as courses in Business Associations, Evidence, Legal Profession and Trial Techniques. Like most other schools, there is also a writing requirement that students must satisfy. Other than that, students are free to pursue the academic experiences that interest them. In addition to a broad range of electives, the School offers practical learning experiences through a number of centers and clinics. Emory Law also “offers a range of courses, field placements, student organizations, events and other programs that allow students to explore public interest opportunities.” (Emory Law Website)

For those students interested in obtaining an additional degree along with their J.D., the School offers dual and advanced degree programs, including the JD/MBA, JD/MDiv, JD/MTS, JD/MPH, LLM and the SJD.

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