George Washington University Law School

Class of 2015


Living Expenses
Living Expenses
Living Expenses
Students Receiving
Class of 2015 (FT) 45,750 $45,750 $25,650 $28,650 $25,650 54.9%
Class of 2015 (PT) $35,376 $35,376 $25,650 $28,650 $25,650 13.4%

Class of 2014


Full-Time Students
Median Award: $13,000

Part-Time Students
Median Award: $6,000

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Financial Aid application Deadline is:

3/1 , 6/1

Approximately 85% of law school students receive financial aid from sources including scholarships, grants, loans, and work-study. Awards are based upon need and merit. In addition, the law school has a Loan Reimbursement Assistance Program which assists graduates of GW Law who pursue public interest employment.

George Washington University Law School Scholarships

Top law firms are committed to contributing to a profession that embraces diversity and equal opportunity. They recognize that top recruits of diverse races, national origins and sexual orientation, men and women, are attracted to employers that hire from a diverse pool of candidates and provide an environment of real teamwork and equal opportunity. Additionally, it’s clear that clients and potential clients appreciate and increasingly expect law firms to provide outstanding staffing on their matters that reflect the breadth and diversity of their own organizations and that can work effectively as a team with each other and with the client’s personnel. While the entire legal field has far to go in improving diversity within the profession, some top law firms are making a concerted effort to create a culture that values individuality and differences among people. They believe that having a diverse population of lawyers and staff enables them to achieve greater success as a law firm. These firms also understand that improving diversity in the legal profession requires more than just hiring and promoting diverse attorneys within their firm. It also requires a sustained commitment to increase the pipeline of diverse students who earn strong grades in law school and are, therefore, positioned to compete for the most sought-after jobs and become the profession's next generation of leaders and decision-makers.

Law Preview (the nation's largest law school prep course) has partnered with GWU Law and some of the country's most prominent law firms and companies to provide Scholarships to select members of GWU Laws entering class. These firms has generously agreed to help entering students prepare for the 1L year at GWU Law by paying the cost of tuition for law school prep course. To see if you meet the scholarship criteria: please visit the GWU Law Scholarships Page for more information.

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