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Founded 1920 | ABA Accredited 1935

Established in 1920, Loyola opened its doors to women and people of color at a time when many other law schools closed theirs. Its commitment to diversity and its Jesuit roots continue today, evidenced by the fact that Loyola was recently ranked #6 by The Princeton Review in “Best Environment For Minority Students,” #9 by USNEWS for minority enrollment and #2 for public interest law by The National Jurist. Through the years, thanks to the efforts of a few visionary leaders who placed an emphasis on teaching quality, Loyola has assembled a superb faculty and has developed a strong reputation as a top quality law school.

But let’s face it, no matter how engaging your professors may be, if you attend law school in Los Angeles, you’re going to have to battle a lot of outside distractions during your 3- or 4-year academic career. Loyola offers students who cannot resist the near-perfect weather or cultural attractions of Southern California the opportunity to visit some of the best beaches and museums in the world. Or, for sports fans, Loyola’s award-winning, Frank Gehry-designed downtown campus is just a short 3-block drive (c’mon, nobody walks in LA!) from LA Live, the new sports and entertainment destination in Los Angeles (home to the Lakers, Clippers, Sparks, and Kings, the Grammy Museum, Nokia Theatre, restaurants and a movie theater). So, it takes a special breed of law student -- someone truly disciplined -- not to be wooed away from his or her studies.


Mark Geragos, Law Offices of Geragos & Geragos the late Johnnie Cochran, O.J. Simpson Defense "Dream Team" member and founder of The Cochran Law Firm Gloria Allred, radio talk show host and high-profile attorney Harry Sloan, Chairman and CEO of MGM Pat Haden, NBC sportscaster and professional football player

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Jannell Roberts


"The absolutely best thing you can do to position yourself in the legal hiring market is to get good grades -- especially during the first..." - Jannell Roberts - Assistant Dean of Admissions, Loyola Law-LA

November 24, 2010 \ In our 17th installment of our 224 part series "Better Know A Dean," we sat down with Jannell Lundy Roberts, the Assistant Dean of Admissions for Loyola Law School, Los Angeles. Previously, she was Director of Admissions at the University of Southern California Law School. Dean Roberts received her Master’s degree in Higher Education and Organizational Change from the University of California, Los Angeles and her Bachelor’s degree in Economics from Loyola Marymount University.

Dean Roberts’s 17-year tenure in higher education includes various aspects of student services, including financial aid. She worked for eight years at Southwestern University School of Law as Assistant to the Dean and Associate Director of Admissions. Prior to her years in admissions, she worked in the alumni/development department at Southwestern and at her alma mater.

Dean Roberts has served as a member of the LSAC’s Board of Trustees; chair of the 2007-2009 LSAC Diversity Committee; chair of the 2005 LSAC Newcomers Planning Work Group; as a panelist for the LSAC Annual Meeting and Educational Conference in 2005 and 2003 and for the NAPLA Conference in 2003. She is currently chair of LSAC’s PLUS Subcommittee.

AD Thanks for taking the time to talk with me today Dean Roberts.
JR It's my pleasure -- I'm happy to do it.
AD How is the 2012-13 admissions cycle shaping up for Loyola?
JR So far, we expect another downturn for the 2012-2013 season. Attendance at most of the LSAC Forums are down as well as LSAT test taker figures. It’s too early to tell but our focus will be to maintain the quality of the incoming class and this may result in smaller enrollment.
AD How many applications did you receive for the Class of 2013 last year?
JR For the Class of 2015, we received about 4400 applications. Despite the downtown, we were very pleased that the quality of the incoming class remained the same.
AD Loyola has produced many high-profile attorneys, including Johnny Cochran, Mark Geragos, Robert Shapiro, and Gloria Allred. Does Loyola offer a class about how to grab the spotlight and/or track down a mistress of Tiger Woods?
JR [Laughing] That's very funny. I was actually joking with one of my colleagues that we should offer a class called "Sharing The Spotlight With Your Clients 101" because so many of our alums are involved in these high-profile cases. That’s really a comment on the reputation these alums have built as truly talented and gifted lawyers in the legal arena. So those clients -- whether they are in the entertainment field or involved in a prominent criminal law or civil litigation case -- they are looking for an attorney that is going to represent them well which, as you point out, often happens to be a Loyola alum.

Even the busiest and highest profile alums recognize where they got their start and continue to contribute and give back to Loyola. For instance, Mark Geragos speaks on campus frequently and has offered advice to our 1L class. In addition to giving many pearls of wisdom -- as well as sharing some funny stories -- he impressed upon our incoming students the important role they will play in their clients' lives and how exciting the law practice can be. He also pointed out -- like you -- that when someone needs representation in a high-profile case they often turn to a Loyola alum for assistance.

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