Mercer University, Walter F. George School of Law

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Founded 1873 | ABA Accredited 1925

Founded in 1873, The Walter F. George School of Law is one of the oldest private law schools in the country. It is located in historic Macon, Georgia, and inherits the enduring Baptist tradition of Mercer University, its parent establishment and the second largest Baptist-affiliated institution in the world. Accredited by the ABA in 1925 and a member of the AALS since 1923, the law school is named for Walter George -- a distinguished alumnus who served as a US senator for 36 years. Thanks to a generous donation from Atlanta philanthropist George Woodruff in 1987, the school was able to create the nationally recognized Woodruff Curriculum in order to immerse its students in an intentionally small, collegial, practice-based learning environment. The Woodruff Curriculum, with its challenging Legal Writing Program and exclusive Sixth Semester, is the hallmark of the law school and represents a redefinition of legal education that has been emulated by law schools across the country.


Nancy Grace, attorney and outspoken television commentator and host of CNN's "Nancy Grace Live" Carl Vinson, U.S. Representative from Georgia M. Yvette Miller, Chief Judge of the Georgia Court of Appeals and the first African-American woman to serve on the court Griffin Bell, Federal Circuit Court of Appeals Judge and Attorney General of the United States during the Carter Administration L. Lin Wood, noted trial attorney; has represented Richard Jewell, the parents of JonBenét Ramsey, Gary Condit and Kobe Bryant




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