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Founded 1835 | ABA Accredited 1930

Founded in 1835 and ABA approved since 1930, New York University School of Law was the first law school established in New York City and among the first to admit women.

Nestled in the heart of Greenwich Village, NYU Law is one of the country’s most respected law schools. At NYU Law, in addition to the traditional bedrock courses, students have the opportunity to engage in experiences such as clinical placements, public service, independent study, colloquia, and global studies. The school’s New York City location gives its students access to a tremendous amount of research opportunities, governmental agencies, courts, correctional facilities, law firms, legal aid and public interest organizations.


Richard Ketchum, Chairman & CEO of Financial Industry Regulation Authority Raymond Kelly, New York City Police Commissioner Carol Bell Bellamy, Former Executive Director of UNICEF Judith Kaye, Former Chief Judge of the New York Court of Appeals Rudolph W. Giuliani, Former New York City Mayor

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Kenneth Kleinrock


"We review the undergraduate transcript closely, with attention to such factors as trends in the applicant’s grades, class rank, the ratio..." - Kenneth Kleinrock Associate Dean For Admissions, NYU Law

September 28, 2012 \ This is the sixth installment of our 224 part series, Better Know A Dean. Today we posted our interview with Kenneth Kleinrock, Assistant Dean for Admissions at NYU Law -- The Fightin' NYU Law's!

Dean Kleinrock received his BA from Queens College (CUNY), magna cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa (1975), his M.A.T. from Duke University (1977), and his Ed.D. from Teachers College, Columbia University (1987). In 1989, Mr. Kleinrock joined the admission staff at the New York University School of Law. He began as Director of Recruitment and Admission Services, and became Executive Director of Graduate Admissions in 1997. He was named Assistant Dean for Admissions in 1998 and became Assistant Dean for Admissions in 2012. Currently, Dean Kleinrock oversees the offices of J.D. Admissions, Graduate Admissions, and Student Financial Services.

AD NYU Law is consistently ranked in the top 6 by USNEWS.  How much emphasis should a law school applicant place in the USNEWS rankings?
KK While it is gratifying that year after year, NYU is acknowledged among the very best law schools in the country, we believe that some candidates place too much emphasis on rankings.  This can lead a candidate to make a choice that is not necessarily the best for that individual based on the school's order in the ranking.
AD If an applicant receives an offer from NYU Law as well as several other peer law schools, why should he or she choose NYU Law over its competition?  That is, what do you think distinguishes NYU from other law schools at the very top of Tier 1? 
KK NYU’s admitted students stand at the very top of the national applicant pool.  Our admitted students are extraordinarily accomplished and have excellent options.  Students who choose to come to NYU have thought carefully about their futures and have evaluated their options.   Our students have identified four key reasons for selecting NYU:  Leadership, Innovation, Community and Location. They come here because they see the clear advantages of attending a dynamic, energized institution in New York City that is a leadership law school in key areas of legal education such as public interest law, international law, corporate and business law, and clinical legal education.  Additionally, they come to NYU because it has a robust selection of courses and programs, one of the leading full-time and global faculties and a diverse student body that comprises a remarkable law school community.  A powerful feature of the Law School is our ability to offer breadth and depth in the curriculum.  This is attractive not only to students who have a clear notion of their interests as well as those for whom this will develop along the way.  At the same time, with our 9:1 student to faculty ratio, students are able to develop close working and mentoring relationships with the faculty.  Finally, we offer our own housing at the Law School that creates an amazing law student community right in the heart of Greenwich Village.
AD NYU has a tremendous number of centers and institutes -- currently 29. What opportunities do they offer over and above what students receive in a traditional classroom setting?
KK Centers and Institutes at the Law School add to the already unique academic community by bringing faculty and students together with leaders form a vast array of disciplines.  They encourage the exchange of ideas through a combination of conferences, symposia, fellowships, academic programs and courses.  For example, the centers and institutes host leading scholars and practitioners each semester. This high level of activity is a boon to both faculty and students, who are given the opportunity to complement their formal coursework in the traditional classroom setting with many other forms of thoughtful interaction.
AD How are students selected to participate in a centers/institutes at NYU?
KK Students are not necessarily selected to participate in centers/institutes, but are rather encouraged to participate in centers and institutes in order to enhance their classroom education at the law school.  A student can choose to attend a symposium, speaker series, etc. if they feel that they are interested in the specific work taking place at the center.  There is no application process for this aspect of our law school.   Students may also work as research assistants in the centers and institutes during the academic year and during the summer.

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