Nova Southeastern University Shepard Broad College of Law

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Founded 1974 | ABA Accredited 1975

Nova Southeastern University Shepard Broad College of Law is an innovator in legal education, offering a skills-centered academic program in three-year full-time and four-year part-time divisions. Through its expanded in-house clinic and global field placement program, every NSU Law student is guaranteed a live-client experience. In-house clinical studies are supplemented by full-time field placement opportunities practicing law in Florida, across the United States, or select locations throughout the globe. The comprehensive curriculum enables students to follow their interests, including health law, international law, intellectual property law, civil litigation, criminal law, family law, business law or most other practice areas. To solidify graduate success, NSU Law pioneered a curriculum on the business of lawyering through the Global Law Leadership Initiative, offering an immersion into the economics, technology, leadership, and management of legal services. NSU Law students have a variety of curricular opportunities, including a rich, diverse curriculum,concentrations in International Law or Health Law; dual degree programs abroad in Rome, Barcelona, or Prague; dual degree programs at many of NSU’s other 17 colleges; and much more.


Renee Goldenberg, Judge, 17th Judicial Circuit Court of Florida Pete D'Alessandro, Senior VP of Business and Team Operations, Denver Nuggets Rob Brzezinski, Executive VP of Football Operations, Minnesota Vikings Sheri Polster Chappell, United States District Judge, Middle District Florida Gerald Greenspoon, Esq., Co-Managing Director, Greenspoon Marder Law





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