Santa Clara University School of Law


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Class of 2014 3,689 1,338 287 36.3% 84 21.4% 144


Early Application Deadline N/A
Regular Application Deadline 2/1
Application Fee $75
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25% 3.07 158
75% 3.48 162
Median 3.25 160
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Every applicant has a story to tell -- a story that is uniquely theirs. Not everyone has a list of major accomplishments to his or her name and not everyone has overcome major obstacles, but each applicant can present a compelling picture about who they are and why they should receive maximum consideration in the admissions process. One of the portions of the application that Santa Clara weighs heavily is the personal statements. The Law School's admissions committee likes to read personal statements that are “personal”, rather than generic -- explaining that often essays that reveal a sense of self knowledge and maturity prove most effective.

The admissions committee does not make any admissions decisions strictly by the numbers. Instead, Santa Clara uses a holistic approach to evaluating each candidate. Of course, the LSAT score is important because it is a common factor for all applicants. Likewise, a candidate's GPA and undergraduate record are also important because they reflect the candidate’s past academic achievement. The LSAT and GPA taken together are somewhat predictive of first-year law school performance. Work and internship experience help to round out the applicant and give an idea of the additional types of experience the candidate would be bringing to the classroom, however no one element is always more important that the others. (U.S. News Interview, 2010)

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