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Founded 1878 | ABA Accredited 1939

Established in 1878 and located in San Francisco, the University of California Hastings College of the Law was the first law school to be founded west of the Rockies. The school is located in the heart of the city, giving students convenient access to City Hall, courts at the local, state and federal level, the financial district, as well as a number of public interest organizations and law firms.

UC Hastings offers a broad and diverse curriculum. During the first year, students engage in a prescribed foundational curriculum and have the opportunity to choose an elective during their second semester. Prior to graduation, all students are required to satisfy UC Hastings’ writing requirement and argue an appellate case in the school’s moot court program. Other than the aforementioned requirements, students can choose from a wide of electives and other academic experiences, which includes more than 50 seminars covering a wide range of legal areas. Students may decide to pursue a concentration in the areas of Civil Litigation, Criminal Law, Intellectual Property, International Law, public Interest Law, or Tax Law. Those interested in International Law would be pleased to note that the school offers a number of opportunities, such as courses in International Human Rights and International Business and Trade Law, study abroad programs in various countries, and research centers.

Additionally, UC Hastings provides a myriad of opportunities for students seeking to gain practical experience, such as its various in-house and out-placement clinics and moot court, negotiation, client counseling and trial practice teams. For those seeking to complement their J.D. with experience in another discipline, the school offers its students the opportunity to pursue joint degrees.


Matthew R. Broad, Executive Vice President and General Counsel for OfficeMax Incorporated Ann Veneman, Executive Director of UNICEF Adam Wasserman, Founder of ExamSoft Worldwide, Inc. Richard Thalheimer, CEO and Founder of The Sharper Image Nancy Tellum, President of CBS Network Television Entertainment




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Greg Canada


"One thing I tell students over and over is that you should think of your application to law school as your first legal case." - Greg Canada - Assist. Dean of Admissions, UC Hastings Law

February 14, 2011 \ Greg Canada is the Assistant Dean of Admissions at the University of California, Hastings College of the Law . He earned a B.A. in history and philosophy from Virginia Wesleyan College, summa cum laude, an M.A. in philosophy from Boston College, and a graduate certificate in higher education administration from Harvard University. He has devoted his entire professional career to serving higher education. In addition to working various student service positions as a graduate student, he has spent over 14 years in undergraduate, graduate, and professional school admissions. In addition to his responsibilities at UC Hastings, he is actively involved with the Hispanic Scholarship Fund and the Council on Legal Education Opportunity, and serves as an evaluator for the Bill and Melinda Gates Millennium Scholarship program. He currently serves on the LSAC Services and Programs Committee and chairs the LSAC Law Forums subcommittee.

AD Thanks for taking the time to my questions today.
GC Not a problem. I'm happy to do it.
AD In doing my research, I learned that UC Hastings students really like their professors.
GC That's true, we pride ourselves on hiring a really bright, affable group of people at Hastings.
AD No, I mean really, really like their professors -- at least according to
GC Oh, jeez, not that!
AD C'mon, how was I supposed to do this interview without bringing that up -- it was a little too steamy to pass up! Seriously, though, with the advent of the Internet, harmless stories about things like professor crushes can get picked up and unfairly implicate the Law School. How does the school respond, or does it?

GC Of course, we are always concerned whenever rumor or innuendo casts the law school in an unfavorable light. However, most often this "press" these days is a matter of personal expression or conjecture. That is one thing I find quite amazing is that the amount of opinion surrounding law schools and the admissions process – it’s really astounding. As a result, there is just too much out there for us to try and address -- it would be a full time job to monitor all the chatter out there about Hastings. So, I pay some mind to it but don't give it too much weight.

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