University of California, Hastings College of the Law


Credits Required To Graduate86

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Library Volumes714,309

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To learn how to prepare for law school so that you can truly excel once you begin classes at UC Hastings, visit: Law Preview - UC Hastings School of Law.

During their first year of study, students engage in a prescribed curriculum consisting of foundational courses and are given the opportunity to select an elective during their Spring semester. All students are required to satisfy the school’s writing requirement and argue an appellate case as part of the school’s moot court program. Other than that, students can choose from a wide variety of electives and offerings or decide to pursue a concentration. For those interested, UC Hastings offers a number of in-house clinics, including the Civil Justice Clinic CJC Individual Representation Clinic, CJC Community Economic Development Clinic, CJC Group Advocacy and Systemic Reform Clinic, CJC Mediation Clinic, and the Refugee and Human Rights Clinic. In addition, UC Hastings’ Out-Placement Clinics “allow students to work primarily in governmental and non-profit law offices under direct supervision of practicing attorneys. Faculty members conduct an accompanying seminar that focuses on relevant substantive law and legal skills.” (UC Hastings Website) These clinics include the Criminal Practice Clinic, Environmental Law Clinic, Immigrants' Rights Clinic, Legal Externship Program, Legislation Clinic, Local Government Law Clinic and the Workers' Rights Clinic.

The school also provides its students with opportunities to study abroad by participating in externships in Argentina, Italy, France, Germany, The Netherlands, Denmark, England, Australia, Hungary, China, and Spain.

Those interested in joint degrees may be interested in noting that “UC Hastings allows its students to pursue an informal joint-degree program with various universities.” (UC Hastings Website) For those considering advanced degrees, the law school offers the LL.M.

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