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Founded 1902 | ABA Accredited 1923

In 1892, the University of Chicago became one of the earliest universities in the nation to open its doors to students. Ten years later, in 1902, the University of Chicago Law School was established and gained its ABA-accreditation in 1923. Today, located in the residential community of Hyde Park on the South Side of Chicago, the University of Chicago Law School occupies a prestigious place among the top ten law schools according to the U.S. News & World Report’s annual rankings. Interestingly, the school provides an “interdisciplinary professional education that blends the study of law with the humanities, the social sciences, and the natural sciences.” (UChicago Law Website)


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Ann Perry


". . . small details matter and can literally mean the difference between having a brilliant legal career or getting sued for malpractice..." - Ann Perry Assistant Dean of Admissions, UChicago Law

October 15, 2009 \ This is the fifth installment of our 224 part series, Better Know A Dean. Today we posted our interview with Ann Perry, Assistant Dean of Admissions at UChicago Law -- The Fightin' UChicago Law's!

Dean Perry received her J.D. from University of Illinois College of Law and was an associate at a Chicago-based law firm where she practiced insurance defense litigation. Dean Perry left practice to return to the College of Law first as the Associate Director of Development and, later, as Assistant Dean for Student Affairs and Financial Aid where she oversaw the admissions office, awarded scholarships and other financial aid resources, advised student organizations, and handled other student issues. In 2002, Dean Perry joined the University of Chicago community as the Assistant Dean of Admissions at the Law School.

AD Dean Perry I know that this your busy season so I really do appreciate you taking the time to talk with us today and answer some questions that prospective applicants might have about admissions to, or life at, Chicago Law.
AP Not a problem, I'm happy to do it.
AD Chicago Law is consistently among the very top law schools in the USNEWS rankings. How much emphasis do you think a law school applicant should place on rankings when deciding which law school to attend?
AP The USNEWS rankings, are one source – but they are certainly not the only source – that prospective applicants need to consider when choosing which law school to attend. In addition to the rankings, I think students need to focus on other factors, for instance, the faculty, academic reputation, career placement, and course offerings at the schools they considering.
AD Would you say then, that the overall rankings, while helpful may be less important than USNEWS's rankings of schools' programs or concentrations in, say, tax law or environmental law?
AP Not necessarily. Again, whether you are talking about the overall rankings or USNEWS' rankings for a particular field or concentration, there's a lot that goes into a student's decision and what USNEWS has to say about a school is just one factor. They really need to look beyond the rankings to make sure that school X is ultimately going to be the best fit for them. I really think that when deciding which school to attend, an applicant has to go through some basic (but critical) steps to make sure they arrive at the correct choice. Once students narrow down their top choices, I encourage prospective students to visit those schools, talk to current students and faculty – even reach out to alumni – so that they can fully understand exactly what each school has to offer and what their options will be upon graduation.
AD As someone who is intimately familiar with the law school admissions process, what do you think of your colleague's, Chicago Law's Brian Leiter's, law school rankings?
AP Once again, Professor Leiter's rankings are simply one source that students can and should consider. Because of Professor Leiter's extensive knowledge of law schools generally, the programs they offer, job placement for their students, and, specifically, the faculty teaching at many of the top schools, his rankings offer a compelling alternative to the USNEWS rankings. I feel that given his expertise, Professor Leiter's rankings offer insights that USNEWS cannot offer – mostly because USNEWS doesn't ask the same questions that Professor Leiter asks.

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