University of Michigan Law School


Credits Required To Graduate82

Part-Time section Size0

Part-Time Small SectionsNo

Library Volumes989,117

School TermSemester

Full-Time Section Size92

Full-Time Small SectionsYes

Library Titles989,117

If you're interested in attending a law school prep course so that you can truly excel once you begin your 1L classes, visit: Law Preview - University of Michigan School of Law.

The University of Michigan Law School with a “broad and innovative curriculum—the first top law school, for instance, to require a course in Transnational Law—prepares students for legal practice in an era of global interconnectedness. In addition to rigorous professional training that melds theory and practice, the Law School provides students with the opportunity for reflection about many of our most fundamental and urgent public questions and encourages students’ engagement in both debate and advocacy. One unusual forum is the mini-seminar, in which informal classes meet in professors’ homes to focus on topics such as Baseball and the Law; Perceptions of Lawyers and Litigation; Corporate Greed and Wrongdoing; or Women in Prison.” (Michigan Law Website)

In addition, Michigan offers clinical education experiences in trial and appellate litigation, child advocacy, community development, mediation, environmental law, and poverty law. The school also provides its students with opportunities to study abroad by participating in externships in South Africa, Geneva, and human rights organizations worldwide.

For those students interested in obtaining an additional degree along with their J.D., Michigan offers 14 dual-degree programs, such as the J.D./M.B.A. and the J.D./M.A in Japanese studies, World Politics, Chinese Studies, Modern Middle Eastern and North African Studies, and Russian and East European studies.

For those considering advanced degrees, the law school offers the LL.M., M.C.L., and S.J.D.

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