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Founded 1891 | ABA Accredited 1923

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln College of Law aims to provide a quality legal education at an affordable price. The first classes were offered in the fall of 1891, and the College was a charter member of the American American Association of Law Schools. Fully accredited by the ABA since 1923, Nebraska Law is large enough to ensure a broad spectrum of courses to suit individual interests, yet small enough to allow students to be recognized for their own unique contributions to the academic community.

Located in Nebraska's state capital of Lincoln -- a city of approximately 235,000 -- Nebraska Law fosters enduring ties to legal professionals of all stripes in the metropolitan area, as well as to a strong and grateful alumni network. The College's emphasis on practical experience ensures that all graduates are exceptionally prepared to embark on their professional careers.


Ben Nelson, U.S. Senator from Nebraska Ted Sorensen, Special advisor and speechwriter for Presdiend John F. Kennedy Hal Dau, U.S. Representative for Nebraska Jon Bruning, Attorney Geneal for the State of Nebraska




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