University of St. Thomas School of Law-Minneapolis

1000 LaSalle Avenue, MSL 124, Minneapolis, MN 55403 | Google Map

Founded 1999 | ABA Accredited 2003

The University of St. Thomas is a Catholic law school with a unique history. The School of Law was originally founded in 1923, but catastrophic events like the Great Depression and WWI forced the school to close its doors just ten years later in 1933. Then, in 1999, the School of Law was resurrected under the stewardship of David Link (former dean of Notre Dame Law School) and it looks like this time it’s definitely here to stay!

In its relatively short life, The University of St. Thomas has accomplished much -- it accepted its first class of 120 students in 2001 and, a year later, named Thomas Mengler (former dean at top-ranked University Illinois College of Law) as its second dean. Then, in 2003, the same year it obtained provisional ABA approval, the School of Law moved into a brand new, $38M state-of-the-art building. These and other accomplishments have not gone unnoticed, and US News has ranked St. Thomas squarely in the Third Tier since 2007 – a notable accomplishment for such a young law school.

The School of Law’s mission is to integrate faith and reason in the search for truth through a focus on morality and social justice. This is accomplished by, among other things, requiring its students to perform 50 hours of community service work during their three years of law school. Students often work side-by-side with professors and administrators on initiatives that focus on a “commitment to service” – helping foster a close-knit community that shares a distinctive vision of what law and the legal profession can be. St. Thomas attracts students from across the country who want to be servant leaders and who understand their responsibility to serve their clients, the community, and those who are most in need of, and least able to pay for, legal assistance.

Now, there are actually two law schools that share the name “St. Thomas,” but any confusion between the two is quickly resolved by visiting both schools in February. While St. Thomas University is located in sunny Florida, this school – The University of St. Thomas School of Law – is located in blizzard-prone Minneapolis Minnesota. Despite the weather, the School of Law’s location in Minneapolis and its proximity to the nearby capital city of St. Paul make it an ideal place to study law. Minnesota and St. Paul make up the core of the Twin Cities metropolitan area—a region of more than 3.5 million residents that is also home to a vibrant business community, including 12 of Fortune 500’s largest corporations. The Twin Cities are also home to a lively legal community that has embraced the School of Law by offering mentor externships and summer employment opportunities to St. Thomas students and graduates.

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