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Founded 1868 | ABA Accredited 1923

Established in 1868 and ABA accredited since 1923, the University of Wisconsin Law School claims its hallmark is the “law-in-action” approach to the study of law. This approach helps students to study and learn how the law works in practice. As the dean of the law school explains on the school’s website, "Law in Action" reminds us that no matter how interesting or elegant the theory or idea, we always need to ask, "Why should this matter to people in the real world?"

Located in Madison, the capital of Wisconsin, the school is within walking distance to the Supreme Court of Wisconsin, the Wisconsin State Court of Appeals, the Dane County Courts, the Federal District Court, and various state and federal government agencies. During their first year, students study a prescribed curriculum of foundational courses and have the opportunity to choose an elective during their spring semester. In the second and third years, students have a myriad of opportunities from which to choose.

The law school has a number of academic opportunities to offer those students interested in a hands-on learning experience. For example, the University of Wisconsin Law has numerous clinical programs, such as the Center for Patient Partnerships; Clinical Semester; Community Supervision Legal Assistance Project; Criminal Appeals Project; Economic Justice Institute (which includes the Consumer Law Litigation Clinic, the Family Court Assistance Project, and the Neighborhood Law Project); Family Law-Restorative Justice Project; Innocence Project; and Legal Assistance to Institutionalized Persons Project. In addition, the school also offers various internships, externships and study abroad programs. For those students interested in diversifying their education, there are a number of joint and advanced degrees available.


Shirley Abrahamson, Chief Justice of the Wisconsin Supreme Court Tom Barrett, U.S. Representative Edward R. Garvey, Noted lawyer, labor activist and politician Belle Case La Follette, First female graduate of UW Law (1885); Women's suffrage activist Gaylord Nelson, Former Governor of Wisconsin, U.S. Senator and founder of Earth Day




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