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Founded 1966 | ABA Accredited 2009

Western State University College of Law is a small private law school located in the suburban college town of Fullerton, in Orange County, Southern California. Founded in 1966, the law school has a large base of 10,000+ alumni and a strong presence in the private and public legal sectors in California and the West.

Western State is noted for its highly accessible faculty, small class sizes, collaborative environment , and diverse student body. Academic support begins prior to the start of law school, with the special Introduction to Legal Methods preparatory program for all entering students. First year students receive mid-term exam feedback and one on one attention from professors and peer feedback in their first year colloquia. Students in their last year receive bar preparation and mentoring from faculty and alumni.

The law school offers a wealth of programs to help students build practical skills, including the Business Law Center, the Criminal Law Practice Center, and the Civil Practice Legal Clinic as well as private and public practice Externships




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Gloria Switzer


"I think in this day and age, it’s irresponsible not to consider very seriously any investment in graduate school. What these tougher economic..." - Gloria Switzer - Assistant Dean for Admissions, Western St Law

September 09, 2011 \ Dean Switzer graduated from UCLA with a MA in French and then received an MBA from Pepperdine University. Before becoming the Assistant Dean for Admissions at Western State University College of Law in 2004, Dean Switzer logged 20+ years in business management and marketing, in education, financial services and high technology sectors.

AD Thanks for taking the time to sit down with me today and answer questions about Western State University College of Law.
GW It’s my pleasure.
AD Where exactly is Western State located?
GW Western State is located in Orange County, California, which is essentially a group of smaller cities, a suburban area, just to the south of Metropolitan Los Angeles. We are maybe 25 miles commuting distance to much of Los Angeles and contiguous to the east of us are Riverside and San Bernardino Counties, an area called the Inland Empire which has also been a very high-growth area. Orange County has maybe three million people in a number of small cities. The town Western State is in is Fullerton, which is near the northern end of the county. Other areas people might have heard of that are nearby: Anaheim, which of course has Disneyland and is well known as the former long-time county seat; and then Santa Ana, which is the current country seat that has the courts, and so forth. These days, Orange County is known as a financial, legal, business high-tech center. Fullerton, the town we are located in, has a number of colleges. So it’s really a suburban college community. We have a large California State University which has some 34,000 students directly across the street, and there are several other colleges in the area. So it’s suburban but driving distance to Metropolitan Los Angeles. San Diego is about 100 miles south of us.
AD Given that you are located in Orange County, I have to ask whether you've watched The Real Housewives of Orange County?
GW Ha! Sadly, I have not! I am sure that to the degree everyone on The Real Housewives are all beautiful and rich and smart, it’s just like everyone in Orange County!
AD Now, UC Irvine is located in Orange County as well, and they recently opened up a law school in your backyard. Dean Chemerinsky seems pretty hell-bent on building a top-tier law school at UC Irvine School of Law. They just received provisional accreditation from the ABA: do you feel any pressure from UC Irvine?
GW Certainly, not any direct pressure. Today, there are 4 law schools in Orange County, so that’s a change from the days when we were the only law school in here. But in some sense, UC Irvine is not a direct competitor because, as you say, their aspiration is to create a fairly high-end, fairly specific, mission-driven, top-tier institution that isn’t what Western State aspires to be. That said, UC Irvine School of Law provides our local population with one more choice. Also, I would expect that UC Irvine is going to draw from outside the area, as we do. So I think in a crowded market, there is certainly a feeling that now there are 4 law schools where there used to be 1 and then 2 and then 3. But no, they are not in any way a direct competitor for us. We are not attracting the same students.


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