Willamette University College of Law

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Founded 1883 | ABA Accredited 1938

Established in 1883, Willamette University College of Law offers a learning environment that is distinctive among law schools. Located across the street from the state Capitol complex and the Oregon Supreme Court, the college is situated in the epicenter of state law, government and business.

The College of Law emphasizes small enrollment, excellence in teaching and a high level of faculty-student interaction. They also boast a student-faculty ratio of 15-to-1. Their select enrollment of fewer than 430 students creates an intellectual intimacy unmatched by most law schools in the United States. As a community, they are committed to the advancement of knowledge through research and scholarship, to diversity, and to public service. Willamette law students should expect to be challenged, to defend their opinions, to think and rethink their ideas, and to leave with a heightened respect for themselves and confidence in what they can do.


Paul De Muniz, Chief Justice of the Oregon Supreme Court Virginia Linder, Associate Justice of the Oregon Supreme Court Lisa Murkowski, U.S. Senator from Alaska Jay Inslee, U.S. Representative from Washington Bob Mionske, U.S. Olympic racing cyclist

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