Credits Required To Graduate86

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Library Volumes399,092

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With respect to its academic approach, the law school explains, ‚??It all starts with our philosophy of the citizen lawyer, the Jeffersonian ideal of the lawyer as skilled advocate and devoted public servant. That concept translates into an academic curriculum that emphasizes experiential learning and the "human element" of the law‚??compassion, ethics and public service.‚?? (William & Mary Website)

During the first year, students engage in the traditional required coursework. In addition, the school assigns them to ‚??law firms‚?? as part of William & Mary‚??s two-year Legal Skills Program. Through this program, students have the opportunity to ‚??research, draft memos, negotiate, argue motions, file documents in court and take mock cases to trial.‚?? (William & Mary Website)

In the second year, students are required to complete the Legal Skills Program and an Ethics course. Upper-level students must satisfy a writing requirement but also have the opportunity to choose from more than 100 electives that cover many different areas of law. In addition, William & Mary offers seven clinical education experiences in its Legal Aid Clinic, Federal Tax Practice Clinic, Domestic Violence Clinic, Innocence Project Clinic, Appellate Litigation Clinic, the Special Education Advocacy Clinic, and the Veterans' Benefits Clinic. The school also provides its students with opportunities to study abroad in Beijing, China; Vienna, Austria; Madrid, Spain; Auckland, New Zealand; Tokyo, Japan; Luxembourg; and Hong Kong.

For those students interested in joint degrees, William & Mary confers the J.D./M.B.A., J.D./M.P.P., and J.D./ M.A.

For those considering advanced degrees, the law school offers the LL.M.

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