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“Yale Law School’s three-year J.D. program provides students with a legal education of outstanding breadth and depth. Our graduates go on to successful careers in academia, public and private practice, the judiciary, government, education, and business and industry.” (Yale Law Website)

Yale Law School’s curriculum is notably flexible, and after their first semester, students develop their own course of study. “First-year students take four required courses—all of which are ungraded. For the next 2 ½ years, the curriculum is almost entirely elective, except for a few requirements. Students choose to focus on traditional ‘black letter’ law classes, while others explore cutting-edge legal theory or interdisciplinary pursuits.” (Yale Law Website)

Yale Law School offers its students a number of clinical opportunities. However, unlike most other law schools, students can begin participating in clinics as early as the Spring Semester of their first year. Yale Law School offers over 20 clinics in which its students can gain real-world experience including, but not limited to, the Allard K. Lowenstein International Human Rights Clinic, Nonprofit Organizations Clinic, the Supreme Court Advocacy Clinic, the Environmental Law Clinic, and the Balancing Civil Liberties and National Security After September 11 Clinic.

In addition to its J.D. Program, Yale Law School offers joint degree programs, including, the J.D.-M.B.A., J.D.-Ph.D., and J.D.-M.A. “Joint degrees are most common with the Yale Graduate School and the School of Management, but students have also arranged joint programs with other schools like Forestry and Environmental Studies, Divinity, and Medicine. On a case-by-case basis, you can arrange a joint degree with another university.” (Yale Law Website)

For those students wishing to obtain an advanced degree, Yale Law School offers the LL.M and the J.S.D. to its LL.M. graduates.

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