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LSAT Prep: A $30M Business You Need To Know About

Kaplan is the decades-old giant with course offerings and tutors to suit almost any need.

Princeton Review was the original start-up innovator in the 80s that today has a significant presence throughout the US. Ex-Kaplan-instructor-turned-entrepreneur Robin Singh launched.

TestMasters in the 1990s, bringing a more rigorous methodology to LSAT prep based on actual LSAT questions.

PowerScore, launched in the late 1990s with a similar focus on high-quality instruction and employing only former LSAT takers who had scored in the 99th percentile or higher, has now gone national.

Blueprint, started offering high-quality instruction in 2005 in California, and has since gone nationwide with courses now offered in New York, Massachusetts, and Texas.

Full-Length, Instructor-Led Courses

Full-length, instructor-led courses typically are offered at the physical facilities of the LSAT prep company or at a local school or hotel. These courses usually last 8-16 weeks, and class sizes vary from about 12 to about 70 students.

Blueprint LSAT Course Kaplan Classroom On Site PowerScore Full-Length Princeton Review Hyperlearning Testmasters LSAT Course
Hours of Live (Non-test) Instruction 100 85 64 84 80
Hours of Live Practice Tests/Reviews 38 24 16 24 16
Minimum Instructor LSAT Percentile/Score 170 95th 99th 98th 98th
Live LSAT Instructor Hotline No No Yes No Yes
Personal Set of/Access To All Actual LSAT Questions Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Cost $1,199 $1,199 $1,295 $1,249 $1,450
Cost For Retaking Course $750 Free $575 Free $725
Guaranteed Higher Scores? No Yes; free retake or $$$ back No Yes; $$$ back No


Ever wonder how it came into being, how it is structured, and why law schools have come to use it as an integral metric in evaluating law school applicants? Here are some answers.

Future LSAT Dates

Source: LSAC

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SCORING 120 TO 180
Everyone knows you can score 120 to 180 on the LSAT. But did you know you actually receive 3 scores when you take the LSAT: a Scaled Score, a Percentile Rank, and a Scoreband? Find out more about these scoring metrics, as well as your average LSAT score versus your highest score.

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Fun Facts & Myths

Did you know that people take between 100,000 and 150,000 LSATs every year? Or that it's a myth to think your LSAT is graded solely against your fellow test-takers on the same day? Learn more about these and other LSAT facts and common myths.

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3 Ways To Register for the LSAT

Find out how to register for the LSAT today online, by telephone, or by snail mail.

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