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Financial aid, from scholarships and grants to public and private loans, can help you pay for law school, but it cannot alter a few fundamental truths: (1) for more than a decade, the average cost of attending law school has increased much faster than the rate of inflation; (2) according to a Government Accountability Office Report, the average debt for a private law school student is nearing $100,000; (3) the cost of three years of law school can easily exceed $150,000. From 1997 to 2007, the median resident public law school tuition increased from $2,124 to $14,313, the median non-resident public tuition increased from $5,706 to $26,432, and the median private tuition increased $8,690 to $32,168.

Use our Law School Cost Calculator below (which relies on the most recently reported tuition and living expenses data that law schools have provided to the LSAC/ABA) to see how much you’re likely pay for your law school education.

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Projections for living expenses are
calculated with a 2% inflation rate.


Anne Richard


"[Applicants should] maintain good credit so that they will not encounter problems obtaining student loans, and as part of their investigation of law schools, see what sorts of merit-based and need-based financial aid programs the different law schools offer." -Anne Richard, Associate Dean for Admissions & Financial Aid, GWU Law

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