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Latest Law School Applicant Updates

0 0 0 0 37 minutes 1288
nsnapp1991 UM
U Tenn-Knoxv 106 2.89 155 0 0 0 0 about 3 hours 2
North Ariz U 4th Tier 149 0 0 0 2 about 4 hours 310
0 0 0 0 about 11 hours 1695
0 0 0 0 about 12 hours 923
pshah518 UM
UC-Berkeley 21 3.8 158 0 0 0 0 about 13 hours 19
142 0 0 0 0 about 14 hours 24
Utah Valley N/R 156 0 0 0 0 about 14 hours 10
khollis4 UM
Spelman Col N/R 0 0 0 0 about 17 hours 23
nooriali UM NT
George Mason 3rd Tier 156 0 0 0 0 about 18 hours 23

University of California, Hastings College of the Law

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