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Founded 1893 | ABA Accredited 1954

As part of Northern Kentucky University, the fastest growing university in the region, Chase College of Law is about choosing an experience that's right for you. Chase offers a full-time program, a part-time day program, and a part-time evening program. Both provide a holistic legal education while preparing students to be "practice ready" upon graduation.

Those students interested in a joint degree will be pleased to find that Chase offers a JD/MBA as well as two new innovative collaborations with the College of Informatics. The Masters in Business Informatics (JD/MBI) would allow a lawyer to act as a bridge connecting management with the information side of a company, to interface with data systems, track legislation and rulemakings and assist in development of solutions to legal business problems. The Masters in Health Informatics (JD/MHI) would give an advantage to a lawyer who anticipates working with health care institutions, represent health care providers or may work on public policy issues such as legal barriers to the use of electronic health care records.

To ensure that our students are well prepared for the profession, we offer them multiple opportunities to participate in the activities of two cutting edge, skills focused centers--the Center for Excellence in Advocacy and the Transactional Law Practice Center as well as our NKU Chase Law+Informatics Institute. Each of these centers is a student-focused endeavor that allows our students to explore the intersection between their study of law and the realities of law practice.

We also recognize that public service is an important responsibility of members of the legal profession. The Chase Pro Bono Service Program provides students with a variety of exciting opportunities to engage in law-related public service. By graduation, each class at Chase will have contributed more than 10,000 hours of needed legal services to the Northern Kentucky/Greater Cincinnati community.

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