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Founded 1893 | ABA Accredited 1923

In 1893, Stanford University offered its first curriculum in legal studies and hired its first two law professors, former US President Benjamin Harrison, and Nathan Abbot. In 1908, Stanford University's Board of Trustees adopted a resolution which allowed the law department to change its name to law school. Nevertheless, it continued to be a department within the University. In 1916, the law school appointed its first dean, Frederic Campbell Woodward. Shortly thereafter, in 1923, the American Bar Association began certifying law schools and Stanford gained its accreditation that same year. The following year Stanford's law program began requiring a bachelor's degree for admission, which marked the law school’s transition into a graduate school.

Located in the city of Palo Alto at the heart of Silicon Valley, California, just 35 miles from San Francisco, “Stanford Law School is part of one of the world’s leading research institutions, providing plentiful opportunities for interdisciplinary cooperation.” (Stanford Law Website) Intimately sized with approximately 500 JD students, Stanford Law School typically ranks in the top three of US News and World Report’s annual law school rankings. Stanford offers its students a myriad of educational opportunities including, but not limited to, joint degrees, concentrated study and research opportunities through its 18 programs and centers, and the law school prides itself as being a leader in the development of clinical teaching.


Sandra Day O'Connor, First female US Supreme Court Justice Robert Cochran, Creator of the television show, 24 Anthony Romero, Executive Director of the ACLU Peter Thiel, Founder of PayPal Ronald M. George, Chief Justice of the California Supreme Court





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