We Americans are obsessed with ranking things, and that includes ranking law schools. And why not? At their best, law school rankings are informative and spark interesting debates. That’s true even though everyone recognizes that rankings of top law schools are flawed. Indeed, any ranking that purports to equate the quality of the educational experience of a law school to a specific number is flawed, because we cannot quantify some things, or we use an improper methodological approach. So treat them for what they are: fun, often informative ways to convey information about law schools, not mathematically precise rankings of educational quality. If you have questions about the rankings we display, click here to review some definitions and methodologies.

At AdmissionsDean, we provide you with a comprehensive overview and analysis of the most popular and credible rankings, including those from US News and Professor Brian Leiter's Student Numerical Quality rankings, as well as our own. We not only provide the latest rankings of top law schools, but also provide the last 3 years’ worth of data. This allows you to see trends in rankings and possible outlier years.

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